Joe Yu - CEO


Joe Yu is an entrepreneur and investor. His investments include real estate, private equity, venture opportunities and hedge funds. He has invested in 15+ real estate properties, 25+ PE funds and 20+ individual venture capital deals.

Joe is the founder of Everplus Capital and is the managing director of Everplus Fund. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of investing and operating activities.

Jason Rotman - Director of Business Development

Jason Rotman has been immersed in financial markets since 2002, beginning his career making markets and trading in the United States bond derivatives market for large proprietary firms in Chicago. His trading career subsequently expanded as he became principal of two registered financial firms focusing on institutional alternative investment consulting, management, and brokerage. 

He is a long-time investor in numerous asset classes including real estate, venture capital, public equities, and trading algorithms.

Jason regularly appears on major national financial media including Fox Business, CNBC, et al. and is known for his unique and holistic market views. Jason graduated from Princeton University in 2001.


Peidong Xu - Analyst

Peidong Xu is investment analyst for Everplus Capital.  He has an extensive history of mathematical modeling, optimization, and probability, and mathematical analysis. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in mathematics. Prior to Everplus, he worked for an asset management firm using statistical methods to analyze business data. He also assisted the finance and acquisition teams with market and sub-market research.